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Could there perhaps be a specific Tavern/Inn building category that would function similar to a trading post, where food and drink can be stocked in it and bought by other players and temporary resplendent points could be ‘rented’? Perhaps it could be like the private claim system where a certain amount of coin buys you however many game days/rl days and gives a resplendent point and a small ‘claim’ in a particular room where items can be safely stored as long as you pay to upkeep the room.

Difference would be that the owner would need to stock the food and drink available with actual items and could set the price like at a trading post, and all the coin made would remain in the tavern to be collected by the owner much like retrieving coins from a trading post.

It would be great for immersion, good source of revenue, particularly for a guild or individuals that are cooks and brewers. A source of food for players who do not have a cook of their own, and a safe place for new or guildless players to stay while deciding what to do, all while providing income for the builder and perhaps drawing new potential recruits to a guild that may have built it for that purpose...

Just a thought, feel free to add to it.
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    Wednesday, February 21 2018, 01:24 AM - #Permalink
    Also, my auto correct changed "respawn points" to "resplendent points" for some odd reason. And I cannot edit my original post, so please read that as the tavern having a set number of rentable respawn points in it that a player could bind to a room within the building.
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