New Terraforming System

Greetings Fellows !

On one french server I saw a team succeeded to terraform rocky ground. It gave me an idea ... The process is "simple" but extremly long to perform it. So you take the top of a little mount and you "dig" it to your final altitude tile you want. After several hours (yes trust me ^^) you let the landslide do. Here is the not funny at all part ... Then you're able to terraform the mountain. But, you'll need lot of time to remove 0.1 of high (and i'm not including the landslide). So if your tile is 60.1 and you want to 60, you may need 3 4 5 times instead of one. I tried that system on GM mode on a private session. I took a surface like 4 or 5 regular keeps, the top was around 70 and my final altitude was 60. I digged and terraform more than 3.5M of ground ... And i've still have 30-40% to do ...

At this point you notice that system is very long and hardly reachable on YO, so imagine on the MMO. That's why I want to propose you guys to be able to terraform any surface.

The only one condition to terraform rocky ground is to use an pickaxe instead of our best friend the shovel ...

It is totally realistic, because all the castles in the middle age were build directly on a rocky ground. They didnt have to move the rock, they had it directly. How many of us tell once, could be awesome to have a castle on the top of the big mountain ?

I let you google it to see how many castle are on rocky pikes !

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