Animal Lore is a pain to level up - the order in which you can do what makes it even more difficult.

You start with Coop (so far so good) but than you use barnes but the barn is only available in Masonry which means you need to have construction and masonry up to 60. So if you play with friends you need to wait endlessly till they can make me a barn.

They can earlier make a small stable - but the stable you can use in animal lore 60.

Suggested alterations:
make barn part of construction (not of masonry) - stable part of masonry (if you must divide the two) this way the order of build and use is more in line with each other making it easier.

Moreover, I would like to see more activities add to animal lore skill - the way to level it up is boring at best. For instance reward a few points for feeding the animals would make sense.

Just a thought
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    Saturday, August 04 2018, 11:48 AM - #Permalink
    Oh btw turning around barn/ and stables (masonry /construction) would also make sense in combination with the order you can tame animals.
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