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Hello everyone.
I came up with an idea to make life easier for peasants and to immerse some more players in the world of LiF.
they are containers that can be controlled by the agricultural competence.
1. millstones: for hay and for flax.
behaves like a piece of furniture that can be moved, contains only hay or flax fiber, for example 400 stones, and can store these incredibly bulky things elsewhere than in chests, can be placed in the buildings of livestock, and it's pretty.
2. compost: for soil, fertile soil and forest soil.
is a building of 2x2 that contains only 900 stones of soil, bark, water, plant fibers, dung, food.
it transforms normal soil into fertile soil with dung, plant fibers and water and a lot of time. the quality obtained is the same as the normal soil.
it transforms normal soil into forest soils with bark, plant fibers and water and a lot of time.
it improves the quality of the forest soil with bark, water, mushrooms and fish and really huge time.
it also allows you to store good soil for later.
a very useful tool for southern lands.

thank you for reading this pavement and sorry for google trad

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    Thursday, October 31 2019, 12:36 PM - #Permalink
    Thanks for mentioning here :)
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