Playable Governor character

- A game starts with 10 villagers and 1 Governor.
- Player do not rule the village as a god. Instead, he gives orders through the Governor. Player wants to build a house — the Governor goes to the place and "draws" the house on the ground.
- The Governor should have it's own residence. It have upgrade ability.
- The Governor may act as worker when he is free. He cannot have specialty.
- When the Governor dies, villagers must elect the new one.
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    Friday, September 02 2016, 09:29 AM - #Permalink
    I like the idea, but I would stick to the "Feudal" concept (as in Life is Feudal), and use counts, barons, majors, ... (depending of the cascading hierarchy) to appoint as ruler. You have the absolute power over them. No election but direct nomination seems more fitting to the theme. ;)
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