Port, trade and market

The port is modular.

Harbor zone :
- can be built on water
- is necessary to receive port buildings
- the harbor zone connect to each other if they touch each other.

Dock :
- Necessary to receive and use ships

Port warehouse :
- Can store all resources

Enclosures :
- Temporarily accommodates all animals, but only one type in the same enclosure, they must be fed.

Port office :
- one per harbor zone
- Allows port management : expedition, recrute port worker, create a route between two ports, trade, port even...

Port Tower guard
- Port security : "viking", criminal, refugee

Shipyard :
- Builds and repairs ships

Sailors tavern :
- Increases the limit of workers in the harbor zone
- Workers are required to load and unload ships, as well as for the operation of ships.
- The ships have a real crew, they can return with an illness...

Ship :
- fishing boat : necessary for fishing expeditions
- caravel : use for exploration expeditions
- merchant ship : used for trade and transport of goods between ports

Even :
- Refugee ship, accept or refuse, refugees may get angry if they are rejected.
- Resource request from a faction

Privateering :
You can send a caravel (or add other ships for this activity) to attack the merchant ships of a faction to steal goods.
It is a risky expedition and the faction is not going to like, but its rivals will appreciate it.

To be able to trade, one must launch expeditions of explorations to discover "factions".
Each faction offers a unique goods (one or more), as well as regular merchandise.
Each object has a certain value that can vary according to the faction.
A trader does not buy the goods it sells.
A merchant always offers a certain quantity of the unique goods of his faction and a random selection of regular goods available from his faction.
Unique goods (example) : silk, sugar (confectionery, jam), salt (cooked meats), coffee, tea, spice, marble, oil, cocoa...
To deal with a faction and to fulfill his demands increases his opinion. A faction with a good opinion will send ships more often and could offer you gifts
Some factions are rivals and will not appreciate that you are trading and helping an enemy faction.
The pirate faction can offer all sorts of goods, but they are more expensive and all the other factions hate it.

Land trade on an island and without worker? It takes a real market.
It takes a real market and complementary with the barns, warehouses and donkeys caravans.

Advantage :
- Self-supply (worker and donkey);
- Inventory control (ex : max 10 cloths, max 200 fishs...);
- All resources at the same location for industries;
- hapiness villager;

Disadvantage :
- need worker;
- Less storage capacity than barns and warehouses.
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