Hi all :)

So I used to play LiF: YO, with just one friend.Had a great time and very rewarding.

We just started on the MMO and what is apparent that coin doesn't get you many real life days. This can be a challenge when you're new, don't have a horse, and the nearest trading post is a 2 hour return journey. Also if you have a full time job in real life and can't spend a great deal of your free time running across a map and maybe not getting killed.

Now, I get that it is early days, and they want to encourage multiplayer/group gaming. But it doesn't seem quite fair that a 1 person claim should pay the same maintenance as a 10-20 person claim/guild. It should be cheaper for a solo/couple to maintain their claim than a group of 20 who have more manpower and can generate more resources to do so.

This is fair as a solo/couple aren't as likely to have as large a claim as a big guild, as they don't need all that space and therefore their impact on the game 'environment' will be less than a smaller group/solo. Also if the solo/couple do end up making a larger claim it will cost them more to maintain so it will be harder as there are less members, making the pay-off of having an unnecessarily large claim not worth it.

There are other MMO's out there that don't punish you for being a solo player, and neither should LiF. Just like in real life, people don't always live in big groups.

As I said, it doesn't make sense that a group of 2 people pay the same maintenance as a group of 50.

I hope this makes sense, thanks for reading and please vote if you agree! :)
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