Like some trees growns in south but not north and other trees do the opposite.
Same for crops, some in ouest, some in est. Some iron in south and some cooper in north ?
It will make people move, to trade some stuff they dont have in their land.
Dont give everything to player near him.
Maybe you can plant the sprout you just bought to another village in north, but you cant get a sprout from your tree it if you plant it in south. So you have to buy more or go back to the village.
Force people to travel, trade and talk to other player. It could make city who live on trade. Some bandits could steal convoy. Some guards can be hired. Road can be construct between village... It will dynamise the game so much !

The problem is people stay inside their village, build wall around them and dont move until they are ready (sometimes they are never).
Force people to move. Please.

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Thursday, November 05 2015, 03:39 PM - #Permalink
for the small island we have, it's not necessary as we already find things easily in north or in south...

for the MMO, it's already planned to have a high disparity in ressources place
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