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We currently have green areas, we can easily find new players on this area. For former members of Avallon server, you must remember the server 25 and its city of the crown. We are on the end of life of Epleland, the Rocoso market, the equivalent to Avallon.

The principle of Rocoso Market.
- There was a player named "Gremlin" who had posted an outpost for his guild on server 33, the rule of the V1 was they can't put an outpost less 150 cases around the outpost. The "Gremilin" guild was protected from 150 cases around. It had been proposed at that time. This principe was simple, every player wanted to be a shopkeeper with other Epeland players, he must to put a personnal claim, he must to built a workshop, after to finished this construction, he could begin his trade or create a diplomatic relations with other guilds. But also this area could to serve of arrival to new players without a guild. He knew a vital essor but could not last as an unguilded zone to build or protect bandits "free to kill" without these walls being destroyed because out of claim. The other advantage and that everyone could to built the roads and terracing according to his desires, it is so that everyone can change what has been done.

The principle of the capital 25 Avallon server.
-Its principle was simple an area where one could trade with a ban of pvp in white zone. I will not dwell on this well-known element of LIF players as implemented by the Devs.


After this little history lesson of LIF, you are definitely looking for the link with my first introductory paragraph with the green zones of the V2. The explanation is simple, we use all tradings posts to trade our products with other Godenland guilds. We have the joy of being able to teleport them into our guild tradings posts without having to move out.

Actor 1: "It's all pretty well, but where is the realism? I want to go out me !! Escort my cart to its destination ... By the way I made beautiful roads, very flat, very straight and they are useless?!? "
Actor 2: "Calm, ..."
Actor 1: "But it's a scandal, call me the Director ..."
Actor 2: "Calling the Director may not be necessary, I may have a solution"
Actor 1: "I hope so ..."

At present, we use trading post with the teleportation of purchased items that arrive directly in the building. We have the opportunity to do this through an icon in the game where we understand that it is the carts of the crown that we deliver our products for a fee. In short no realism in this principle of teleportation and our roads are not used much. But it is possible to remedy that. Remember on "World of Warcraft" with its capital "Shattrath" in "Outland".


Or else "Eve Online" with the Hek system


The common point of these two games was their economic poles that end up creating all the players by coming back and forth in certain areas of the game. Those wishing to sell their products, he must necessarily go to this specific place because it was the heart of the game's economy. But also of facility like "Shattrath" because it was THE city of add-on "World of Warcraft Outland". As on "Life is Feudal V1 Avallon" with its capital of the server 25 or even "Life is Feudal V1 Epleland" with its Rocoso Market at the server 33. Each of these capitals, "Shattrath" and "Hek", became the lungs of the game economy

There was also another advantage with "Shattrath", we could not do pvp indoors exactly like on the green areas of "Life is Feudal V2. ". This was also the case of the white areas of the capital (25) "Avallon" and this could have corrected the defect of the "Rocoso Market" because we saw many bandits, which stopped the idea in its development.

Actor 1: "I do not understand what you want to tell us. "
Actor 2: "I'm getting there. "

My ideas are these:
1- It would be nice to put a trading post of the crown in each green zone of the game.
2- Stop teleportation possible in guild post trading for purchase only for sale, the object sold is gone.
3- Ability to teleport purchases yes, but only in a trading post of the crown of our choice that is in one of the green zones.

Actor 1: "Aaahhhhhhh okay do you want to recreate economic poles like" shattrath "and" hek "in each green zone? "
Actor 2: "That's exactly it. "

I see many interests in these ideas.

1- Our hard-built roads will be exploited for those they are, transporting goods for trading.

2- We will have pvp outside the claims because it will protect the carts filled with our treasures made with the sweat of our forehead.

3- There will be more realism because the teleportation (not very feudal) purchase offer by the game will be done on a trading post of the crown, which is logical because the icon offered by the devs tells us well that c is their carts doing this work. So we will still have to pick up our goods with the risks that implies. But that does not change anything for the seller who will see the object sold disappear from its list of items for sale.

4- The economic poles thus created will also serve as diplomatic poles for the guilds. It is obvious that the new players will settle near the trading post of the crown because the guilds will want to lodge near this building to recover their products and that the new players will want to contact the guilds, so everyone will have an interest to be close to the other. Trade between the player and the guild, discuss the gameplay of each to make a first contact in game before integration into the guild later.

5- Remove or reduce the cost of transfer by choosing the trading post of the crown for the transfer of goods.

6- Guild members who have seen their destroyed city will find themselves without housing, these green areas could become temporarily refugee camps for players thanks to their personal claim set as refugee tents.


We will thus temporarily have this in the green zones.


Indeed, this is not too beautiful and very PvP, but as explained before guilds activate will also go in these green zones near the trading post of the crown. So guild diplomats will be able to contact or be contacted by these people, get to know each other and quickly recruit members into the game.

How to set up this?

The first step would be to create a trading post crown in each green zone.

The second step is to have the possible selection post trading of the crown choice where to receive the goods purchased from the menu in place of the guild trading post.

The third step is to remove the choice of guild tradings post in the possible selection of the place of arrival of the goods purchased.

Maybe in this stage of development of the game it will be difficult to put this idea if we do not put more green areas. Especially for the guilds of the servers (133, 134, 135, 121, 122, 123) which are far away from the green areas. But perhaps we can have for the remote areas (servers 133, 134, 135, 121, 122, 123) quoted as in the V1 to still make his market instead of putting more green areas.

The benefits of this will allow to put more links between newcomers and guilds activate in one place, the green zone. Stop with merchandise teleportations directly into a guild claim.

Download the file in the french language

Download the file in the english language
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  • Accepted Answer

    Tuesday, April 09 2019, 12:38 PM - #Permalink
    As you told about to getting better practicality connections and inter-guild diplomat and policies how will you explain it is a reality of this era?
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  • Accepted Answer

    Tuesday, April 09 2019, 08:14 PM - #Permalink
    There is an improvement in inter-guild relations and diplomacy and policies on V2 GODENLAND. I do not say that there is no exchange, i wish to improve what is already there. The title explains my wish to improve something that exists.

    There is a lot of interaction between guilds or with new players on discord. The meeting, the first words to exchange between players and guilds are on discord.
    Even the trade is done via the discord call the "Pheonix trade", to make contact then decide the amount of the transaction.
    It is usually confined to local guilds, rarely further. I propose by this idea to interact with more distant guilds. To give more use to our roads. And help new players to integrate into a distant guild without using discord, but the game chanel.

    Allow to make live these green zones thanks to these trips of players between their guild and the green zone and the new players.
    That the green areas are used for something other than asking personal claims for no purpose than to offer a safe area, yes, but without a goal than to discover the game alone when it is done to play in a group.

    I had proposed a previous idea that was to set up a system so that materials become hard to find depending on the area where we are.
    With a system of 5 zones, the plain, the mountain, the seaside, the forest and the desert. For example, let the wood be hard to find in the desert, but a lot of gold.
    That gold is hard to find in the forest but a lot of the wood.

    This is to create a lack of resources because the lack of resources create trade. This for me was a start, the result is this idea that I propose.
    Now that exchanges are needed to build his city, now let's put an area to do it.
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