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This winter
resources New rare, region-based resources and crafting tweaks
Natives Natives (PvE),
native camps (PvP over PvE)
New map New significantly bigger map
(1296 km² vs 441 km²) with corrections of flaws from the old map
& taxes The new system of fiefs and provinces with their control and taxation
New progression
system Experience and offline skills leveling/progression mechanics
It is not new that Life is Feudal:MMO has a very steep learning curve due to its complexity, an enormous amount of mechanics and overall hardcore gameplay. In order to help new players and make their first steps in the game easier, we have decided to implement the Counselors mechanics.
In a few words, these mechanics will allow current veteran players to take the role of a Counselor and help newcomers during their first steps on the newbie island. At the end of their education, the Counselor will receive a reward in God’s Favor, while the newcomer will receive a good amount of knowledge, help and maybe even a guild invitation that will welcome him on Abella!
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trade system
Based on the numerous player feedback, and our own thorough review of the previous Trade system, we have created a quite extensive list of things that had to be changed. There are multiple changes, so we will cover only the most important ones.
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Rare resources
Along with the regular resources that you can gather, grow or mine almost anywhere, we have decided to create so-called “rare resources” that are less abundant and might require a good amount of time to find and acquire them.
Rye, Oat, Mountain Sheep, Sardines, Amber wood, Brimstone, Gypsum, and many other resources can now be found, grown, mined only in a half or third of the regions on the map. You can consider new rare resources as something in between the normal resources that are available in all regions on the map and regional resources that can be acquired with a certain drop chance in one certain region.
Mid-tier crafting and building recipes will require these rare resources, leaving high-tier crafting to regional resources and basic - low-tier crafting to the normal resources.
We're happy to reveal some details but ultimately, it's down to you to discover the natives, who they are and, perhaps, what they want.
Native inhabitants of this world will appear mostly in their villages that are scattered around the map. In order to raid those villages, we recommend gathering a party of about 5 players. Be warned though that natives will disappear if more than 10 players enter the village area. Be ready to have various types of weapons, armor, and equipment to succeed in the raid. A significant reward will be granted for reaching the center of the village and dealing with all the challenges on the way.
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skill tree
  • 7 professions
  • Basic abilities will become available sooner
  • More useful skills
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progression system
The first thing that you should know about the new progression system is that we’ve implemented The Experience!
Yup, now all your actions fill one of your XP pools: crafting, combat or minor. This means that, in order to progress any of your crafting skills, you’re no longer required to perform the abilities of this skill, but can simply do any crafting activity and get XP from these activities.
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