A couple of revisions, fixes and ideas

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A couple of revisions, fixes and ideas

Post by Westislandinfo » 09 Nov 2019, 22:27

1. Firing arrows is a little buggy and clunky. Blunt wood arrows works fine but the regular arrow requires an extra mouse click to fire.
2. I can't believe how PICKY my serf is... there is no way he could be possibly tired of the 8 different meals he carries with him at all times.
3. Chickens and Rabbits require you to log in every 24hours irl or they will starve... I like the game as much as the next person but can we possibly half the production/feeding of livestock?

1. Pigs will EAT ANYTHING, please at least add meat and berries allowable to their diet... even being able to feed them some of your extra prepared meals would be nice.
2. Hardwood handles and then make any handle for recipes (though I would argue that hardwood make better axe and shovel handles).

1. Rabbit Hutch, the chicken coop looks nice but...
2. More emotes!
3. Hedges!

1. When are you going to be adding to the Minor Skill Levels?
2. Are we going to be able to auto-stack same quality items?

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