Active server looking for more players - 21.03.2020

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Active server looking for more players - 21.03.2020

Post by Alex.sorensson » 21 Apr 2020, 20:45
Connection Info:

PvPvE server:
Modified several files to give some actions minor speed boost and major speed boost for terraforming

Map: Archipel Two
stats multiplier: 10 (const/mason/archit are set to roughly 60 and combat skills to 50)

skillcap 3000/3000/3000
crafting period 60
breeding 150
day length 5
decay 0

JH on Saturday evenings

PvP rules:
1 - No griefing
2 - No monument destruction or excessive base destruction during judgement hour
3 - Wall breach ( large section ) and warehouse destruction is allowed without contacting admin
4 - All other buildings may be damaged ( NOT destroyed ) to access goods stored inside
5 - Further base destruction must be brought to the admin for official war scenarios; typically target buildings will be authorized for large conflicts
6 - Kill on sight allowed

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