Adrem Isle, An RP Haven!

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Adrem Isle, An RP Haven!

Post by Knuteirik27 » 12 Apr 2020, 13:10

Welcome to Adrem Isle.
A new found land beyond the vast horizons!
Start a new life in these fertile lands, become a Lord, a Jarl, a merchant king!
Build a farmstead, a town or a mighty fortress!
The land waits for you and yours.

Adrem Isle is a Heavy RP server with PVP and PVE elements.

We are expanding and looking for more people to join our beautiful island.
The game is as vanilla as possible but have a live mapm here you will have to trade with others.
Fast skill gain and terraforming.

We welcome both veterans and newbies who wish to venture forth into a feudal land where they can become what ever they want from thieves to kings! From Diggers to Warrior heroes!

Come join us and build our island into your feudal escape!

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