All my gear is gone!!???

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All my gear is gone!!???

Post by Chris12 » 13 Jun 2019, 18:17

Are you serious Lif?? Has all my gear really gone??? How do you expect anyone to come back to a game when all their hard grinding has disappeared? Genuinely my guild has laughed me out of any returning after this and thats over 50 active players! what is wrong with you devs, just more of the screw you attitude from before! How can we trust you wont do it again!! This is truely unheard of in the MMO community! In 20 years I have never this this......How do you expect any player to trust your game again!!

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Re: All my gear is gone!!???

Post by Arrakis » 16 Jun 2019, 11:15

Did you encounter this issue in YO or MMO? I'm asking because you posted in YO forums. If you're talking about MMO and your items vanished throughout relog or something like that, please contact us (support) on discord.
If the issue is with YO, though, you'll need to contact your server admin.

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