Claim exists, guild does not

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Claim exists, guild does not

Post by Rallenar » 11 Jun 2021, 16:46

So, this one's interesting.

To begin with, I ran into the glitch where I couldn't interact with my monument. I could inspect it, that's it. Obviously, that sort of creates a problem in the long term.

Now, this is my server and I have GM rights on it. When I've run into this issue in the past, the fix has always been to simply deconstruct and then rebuild the monument. Pain in the rear, but it works.

Not this time. This time, after I took the monument down, the claim continued to exist. And since there was a claim there, existing...I couldn't build the monument.

Then I thought I'd get really clever and just do a /guild destroy, thinking that if the guild itself stopped existing, maybe THAT would make the claim go away. Nope. Instead, what's happened is I'm now not a part of the guild that has the claim on which all of my stuff is...and you can see how that is a bit of a problem as well.

So now there's a claim, no monument, and no guild--which means nobody can interact with anyone inside the claim.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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