[EU/ENG] Clan Oda is now recruiting!

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[EU/ENG] Clan Oda is now recruiting!

Post by Oddaido » 07 Apr 2018, 08:53

Clan Oda is recruiting new members on 2 weeks old server Caridia. We have quite ambitious plans and since Caridia is an RP server, kingdoms are getting established soon. This is a great chance to join us and rule one of the regions, have fun and build a great base. Come meet 2 guys who make silly jokes and tryhard (just a little). We would like to make some quality RP, whilst keeping the setup simple and easy to join in. Give us a try and you will see if its a right fit. (We wont be mad if its not)

Contact me on Discord either by pm: Oddaido#0716 or on Caridia server: https://discord.gg/qRkmkqX

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