[NA] cloak and dagger, skirmish warfare PvP guild recruiting

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[NA] cloak and dagger, skirmish warfare PvP guild recruiting

Post by Skars » 26 Nov 2017, 06:30

[NA] recruiting 5-10 more players to finish off our roster
*New player friendly*
What we're about:
• We are a medium size group of Skirmishers who fight as an absolute team.
• Supported by a very large alliance.
• We live in a very high-end resource rich area.
• We encourage small gang fights, and get involved in large scale battles along with our alliance and fellow groups in the area.
• We run Structured and proficient OPS aimed at disrupting supply routes, economical centers, Asymmetric warfare, and general disruption before the main force arrives.
What we offer:
• Challenging yet lucrative style of gameplay. Everyone is honorable when we fight. No glitching, bark boxing, or combat logging allowed.
• Very good PvP Classes and instruction by veteran players for new players.
• forward operating base with crafting stations, and personnel trained or training up in every aspect of the game from crafting to advanced PvP, and theory crafting (The Works).
• We have an active and mature player base.
• Lead by experienced veteran players who understand real life comes first.
What we require:
• Discord
• 21+
contact me here or on discord at Kilo/Toumbs#0871

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