Community Requests for Inventory Sorter

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Community Requests for Inventory Sorter

Post by Triforcecpw » 21 Dec 2018, 11:25

Hey, are you guys possibly working more on the inventory sorting?

Like making the inventory sorting constant rather than having to click the button repetitively, and maybe adding more colors/separating the quality by say, 0-20 | 20-50 | 50-70 | 70-90 | 90-100?
Moving the buttons a little more to the left so they aren't on the actual bags, or make them across the bottom and such?

These are things being thrown around a lot in the discord and among the NA servers, I was just wondering if you guys were doing more Quality of Life changes with it, Thanks!

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Re: Community Requests for Inventory Sorter

Post by Gfarley-perry » 11 Feb 2019, 16:40

Allowing us to select a primary and a secondary sorter would allow us to sort by item type (primary) and quality. Otherwise I wouldn't mind having only that option on / off.
The color indicator became a most for almost all my guild when mod were available.
Yellow for Regionnal, and item crafted with blueprint.
Red 95+
Purple 80-94
Blue 60-79
I remember feeling more relaxed knowing my guild mates could easily tell when something of high Q was in a container since there was less risk of combining per error.

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