Development News #99 — ABA - ‘Ask Bobik Anything’ Session & Competitive Server Ideas

What are we currently working on.
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Development News #99 — ABA - ‘Ask Bobik Anything’ Session & Competitive Server Ideas

Post by Arrakis » 13 Apr 2018, 17:48


Hey, Feudalists!

As we mentioned before, the whole week our team has been busy working on the upcoming May patch. Nonetheless, we have some interesting news to share with you!

Last weekend we had an AMA session, kindly organized by active Avalon community members, and hosted by Dale.

Bobik and the community members have discussed various topics concerning Avalon and the MMO in global, including LiF world economy development, plans on sieges, JH safe zones, IB, new regions and more. Thanks to all of you who were watching us, and if any of you missed the stream — you can take a peek at the recording. This was a really productive session, and we are planning to organize a more globally focused AMA in the near future. Stay tuned in order to not miss the questionnaire announcement.

During the AMA, Bobik came with an interesting idea for creating new round-based PvP servers with very fast progression for competitive players. Have a look at the full description, take the poll, and let us know what you think!

Starting this week we have a new Epleland GM — meet Paul (Brother). Hit him up if you come across any issues on Epleland, or feel like discussing role play activities.

Lastly, for the merchandise lovers among you, we have some great news! There’s an awesome deal going on Brightlocker right now — get GF for selected purchase.

"Life is always a little better with something on the side. Burgers come with fries. Quests come with experience points. And now all our exclusive Life is Feudal items, like chainmail T-shirts, leather belts and replica shields, come with FREE God's Favor.

God's Favor is the currency of the Life is Feudal realm, and is used to buy skill boosters, consumable items and unique skins. Also goes great with ketchup."

— The team

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Re: Development News #99 — ABA - ‘Ask Bobik Anything’ Session & Competitive Server Ideas

Post by Laisigor » 13 Apr 2018, 17:54

нужно больше серверов! чтобы размазать тонким слоем тех не многих, что остались играть... Сделать ммо проект объединив игроков с разных серверов ЮО, а потом наплодить кучу серверов чтоб сного их разогнать по отдельным серверам... 10 бобиков из 10.

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Re: Development News #99 — ABA - ‘Ask Bobik Anything’ Session & Competitive Server Ideas

Post by HolyAvengerOne » 13 Apr 2018, 17:54

Thanks for the update guys, and welcome to Paul!

When can we expect some ':' "leaks" about what's coming in the May update?
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Re: Development News #99 — ABA - ‘Ask Bobik Anything’ Session & Competitive Server Ideas

Post by Kattria1 » 20 Apr 2018, 16:03

2 person horse back rideing and horse carts would be cool
a non pvp option for those that doe not pvp but if ever turned on penalty of say cant turn it off for a week this would be very nice atleast on the non pvp servers and only exeption is during JH but no penaltys then to help the game apeal more to non pvp people yes we actualy do exixt perhaps a protective bubble around the claim and influence zone of guilds that do not wish to partake in pvp or around the player itself and this for new players beset qt creation and for the older ones they get the option to turn it on upon logging in and a warning that once it is turned on it canot be turned off even for sparing in guilds heraldy for a time of a week pvp status locked on once the timer runs out can turn it off again. :cry:

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Re: Development News #99 — ABA - ‘Ask Bobik Anything’ Session & Competitive Server Ideas

Post by Xelrak » 25 Apr 2018, 23:23

What are you people doing? There is so much to fix in this game if you don't get your act together people will just quit.

It's already happening, everyday the average population goes down..

Die: Resurrect sickness + skills loss + loot loss? Yeah people are going to want to keep playing for sure with this. Did you just lvl your assaulter/cav/ what ever to 60 so you can fight? Did you die? Well go and grind again for 30 minutes to get those skills back.

Did your horse just get stuck on a small rock, log, or piece of dirt, and now you are dead and have to grind (again) to be able to ride that horse? Yea... What will you do? Probably go play another game rather than waste your time?

Did you just try to fight? Charge up your swing by holding left click only to have it swing 4-5 times in 2 seconds resulting in no stamina so you die and lose your skills?

Can't conquer your enemies castle.

There are no sieges, there are siege weapons but no reason for them. There are no boats so you have to swim for ever.

A set of skins costs like $100 USD. STOP MAKING SKINS AND FIX THE ACTUAL GAME.

Apart from all the issues, which if you actually played the game you would know about, this game is great. But please tell us what you're actually doing to fix these issues, because it seems like your trying to squeeze as much money out of dying game as possible before you disappear like so many lying game developers these days who release early access games that never make it.

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