Cooking with Nature's Lore

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Cooking with Nature's Lore

Post by Samebeefde101 » 12 Feb 2020, 15:08

Hello everyone,,
So I'm not going down the Cooking skill tree, I have a few others that will be handling that but in the meantime...I'm cooking simple dishes with my nature's lore skill.

I'm lvl 95 in Nature's Lore (95.93 with bonus) and I'm using quality 91-92 Fish with quality 92-94 branches to cook with a cauldron.

The problem I keep coming across is that the products keep coming out capped at quality level

So my question is: If it's not my skill, not the fish and not the branches...what else could be dragging down the quality level of my dishes or is there a quality cap for cooking with Nature's Lore?

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Re: Cooking with Nature's Lore

Post by Rheanon » 29 Apr 2020, 18:13

I'm not a veteran by any means but I have noticed in campfire cooking that the quality goes down as the campfire quality goes down while I cook. So I scrap the campfire, craft a new one and quality goes up again. Don't know if that is the case with the cauldron or not but, its worth keeping an eye on your cauldron quality while you are cooking. :)

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