Development News #108 — Major Update Approaches as Iriy Joins EU

What are we currently working on.
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Development News #108 — Major Update Approaches as Iriy Joins EU

Post by Arrakis » 15 Jun 2018, 17:58


Hey, feudalists!

This week the work on the patch continued as usual, but we’re really close to releasing it!

The update is just around the corner, however, some final touches and quality assurance need to be done before we release it. We would also like to remind you to start getting ready as well (for instance, those of you on Avalon and Buyan to feed your claims now since once the patch is released these personal claims will not be able to be maintained any further and you might need to consider preparing to move to any green world in your region).

Also this week, the Iriy world was successfully moved to EU region. Many of you have been wondering why. Since after the update the worlds would be united, CIS region would only have one world. To balance this we have decided to move it to EU. No worries, Iriy players, the server hardware is still there where it was, as we mentioned in our last devblog. In order to avoid name duplicates, we’ve added a ‘_’ on the end of Iry players with the same name after the move, so, if you’d like, all of you with a ‘_’ in your name are eligible to change it for free.
If any of you on Iriy (as well as other EU inhabitants) have questions regarding the move, or have stumbled upon any issues about this, hit up our support team at

We also wanted to share some screenshots from the last in-game events hosted by players and GM team alike!




Thanks everyone for taking part and for your amazing feedback as well! We’re planning on hosting, and supporting, more and more events and, as usual, your suggestions are always welcome.

Have a great weekend!
— The Team

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Re: Development News #108 — Major Update Approaches as Iriy Joins EU

Post by Vasiliy.beletskiy » 15 Jun 2018, 18:06

Опять херню делают, нет чтобы баги править и убрать лаги.

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Re: Development News #108 — Major Update Approaches as Iriy Joins EU

Post by Slamzbootspike » 15 Jun 2018, 18:51

On red servers, during JH, will we be able to open doors inside enemy town claim?

e.g., house doors, keep doors, warehouse doors, etc

This is important to know so we know how to safely store things before the patch drops.

Also is there any chance you could apply the update to the size of warehouse storage before the big patch? You said you're increasing the storage space and that would be great to have now, while we are trying to figure out how to store everything safely!

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