[MMO] It’s All About the Guilds. Almost. (

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[MMO] It’s All About the Guilds. Almost. (

Post by Arrakis » 16 Aug 2018, 10:42

Life is Feudal: MMO

Today's patch contains an equal amount of fixes and tweaks that are mostly devoted to our recent features: Outposts and Guild ratings - but there are some other tweaks and features included here too! We hope you like it!

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • Outpost lands of Order and Band types of guilds (that doesn't have guild monument) are now treated as in the state of war. Such outposts can now be captured by other guilds during JH, objects placed on its land can be destroyed or used during JH and such guild members attacked and killed without alignment penalties if they’re on the outpost lands.
  • ‘Proxy guilds’ (rank 10) guilds are not taken into an account when making derelicted checks on Green worlds.
  • T1 guild monuments are now automatically repaired after successful maintenance outside of JH
  • Shields on the back should now properly lose durability if being hit
  • Incomplete buildings and objects now take significantly longer to decay and disappear (up to 24 real life hours). You can use the ‘Inspect’ ability on incomplete buildings to see their durability and how soon they will decay and disappear.
  • Spam attacks on horseback and random attacks being triggered are now fixed. We expect slashing weapons to be more usable now in mounted combat.
  • Implemented tooltips for throwing weapons
  • A double claim loss penalty will be issued to defenders if they do not field anyone to an IB
  • Wild animals should properly react and run away from being hit with a torch now
  • Some minor art updates and fixes
Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Guild ratings and rank calculations have been reworked, which should fix all known issues with inaccurate calculations
  • Notorious bug that would insta-heal horses if packed into inventory while dying is fixed
  • Fixed gallop+dismount bug that allowed some players to get over some walls with the help of the horse
  • Fixed a hack that allowed a player to observe everything from far above when resting
  • Newbie Island quest progression should not be lost after resets of the Newbie worlds
  • Stone gatehouse portcullis should not kill players caught while they’re closing
  • A couple of fixes for Arenas and IB connection bugs and problems
  • Attacking other players after crossing a server node border line in a combat stance should work properly now
  • Fixed ‘Chickens' Bounty’ quest - ‘Find the chicken coops’ task now properly ends
— The Team

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