Development News #127 — Blood Moon Rising

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Development News #127 — Blood Moon Rising

Post by Arrakis » 26 Oct 2018, 17:15


Hey, Feudalists!

As you might have noticed, this week turned out to be patchless. We apologize for the lack of the update, it needed some extra time to be worked on, and we are planning to roll it out on Monday. Stay tuned to the #notifications channel on Discord, we will notify you about the patch and downtime. The YO patch is also a bit delayed and being worked on as well.

In the meantime, we’ve transferred Iriy to *nix OS servers this week, and are planning to transfer other worlds this Wednesday. Once again, stay tuned to the notifications channel!

While our development team is busy cooking up some tweaks and features, our GM and events team has something to offer for the upcoming week.

With Halloween approaching, whispers tell of a Blood Moon rising over Abella. The pale light it casts make the shadows stir and Fell beasts, that once lay dormant, rise in great numbers. The Crown seeks your help in slaying these beasts, as stories speak of the treasures that can be found by laying them to rest once and for good.

Important notice: LiF:MMO JH, IB Prime Time, Rating Calculation, Cardinals list update will switch to winter time with the next patch. Please, keep that in mind. Iriy will not be switching to the winter time.

Brace yourselves, and have a great weekend!

— The team

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Re: Development News #127 — Blood Moon Rising

Post by Nefezer » 31 Oct 2018, 04:14

Thank you for your dedication and effort.

Go in peace.

PS: By the way, tracing footsprints still does not work, do not appear above ground but under the ground.

Why do not you design them also animated with particle emission? Look at this example:


Look at this video the hunting system, the iridescent footsprints like its concavity, the trace of blood on the ground and the visible trajectory of the arrows (not like in this game that you do not see where they will fall to be able to aim well later):

For when something like this?

In a game in BETA version we have to cope with the stressed development team with black humor :twisted:

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