Development News #178 — Gloom’s Festival

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Development News #178 — Gloom’s Festival

Post by Arrakis » 01 Nov 2019, 19:03


Hello, Feudalists.
This week the devblog will be separated in two parts.

Eternal sleep
We will start by sharing some grim news with you.
This day we want to say our farewells to Dannara “Cande”, late leader of ‘Cuervos de la Tormenta’ guild, who passed away recently. Her closest friends, Halcón and Javito, wanted to share a few words:

    El Cruce and Cuervos de la Tormenta want to say goodbye to our friend Dannara (Cande) who passed away last week. Our most sincere condolences to her family and friends. A friend like her leaves us a very big void, but the pride of having been able to enjoy this game with such a wonderful person. Until always our queen, we love you very much.

    Don't think I'm gone
    If one day you visit my grave, don't cry,
    Just imagine that I'm sleeping.
    I will visit you with the dawn,
    I will hug you with the wind,
    I will kiss you with the rain,
    And I will sing to you in silence.
    Never think that I'm gone
    because then...
    Then I will have died.
You shall be remembered by your followers and the rest of the community.

Haldayspark and server issues
The last part of the week turned out to be very busy for the Life is Feudal team: due to an unexpected issue during our weekly server maintenance on Thursday we had to recover the data stored in our servers, which resulted in almost a full day of Godenland being down. Once again, we apologize for that.
On a positive note, we’ve used this maintenance to begin the Haldayspark, Aspid’s fest! As we mentioned in our previous dev blog, Gloom has a great influence on the world this time of the year. You’ve certainly noticed, most of your in-game activities now can occasionally provide you with Jester’s Charm. While being seemingly useless on its own, once covered in naphtha, they explode on contact with any living creature! The word is, wild Knools hold a great amount of them, and the Crown has promised to pay a hefty prize for every such bomb that has been brought for research.
    Note: You need a Knife in order to craft Gloom’s Bomb.
About the upcoming event
The Crown is very interested in gaining knowledge on the other alchemical secrets that Knools possess. That is why another world-wide expedition is planned for the mysterious blueprints kept in the camps of these savage creatures.
Like in the previous expedition, this time Crown also plans on rewarding the most prominent champions of Abella. Each Ancient Scroll retrieved from a camp will be rewarded with x5 Death Insurances (20), x5 Inspiration Boosters and 5,000 God’s Coins, with groups themselves deciding on how to split the reward. Additionally, the successful team that takes the Bard-Streamer with them will receive an additional reward of 1,000 God's Coins
Information about approximate locations of the Knool camps will be announced tomorrow, Saturday 2019-11-02, at 19:00 UTC, which will mark the beginning of the expedition. Successful completion of this expedition will raise chances of a second one, day after (Sunday 2019-11-03), which, of course, mean more rewards!
Stay tuned for the news on our discord’s mmo_event_feed channel, where the detailed information and map will be published.


That’s it for this week dev news. We wish everyone a great weekend!

— The Team

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