Development News #182 — Enforcing fair play

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Development News #182 — Enforcing fair play

Post by Arrakis » 13 Dec 2019, 18:50


Hello, Feudalists!

We’ve received your feedback regarding our latest update and considered it carefully. The topic of /stuck command was a hot one and we have spent a good amount of time figuring out how to best approach this issue to resolve it in the best way possible. The solution to this problem is already in production and we’ll deliver it in an upcoming update. More details will follow as we release this patch within the next couple of weeks.
There’s also some good news that will certainly improve the mood of the Steam users. We are working on the launcher improvements for clients on Steam platform, which should significantly reduce the time needed to download and update the client.

The next thing we want to mention is a known issue that is of high concern to the LiF community, particularly a number of individuals that resorted to cheating in our game with the use of third party software in order to gain an unfair advantage over others. We’ve recently suspended accounts of those players abusing said illegal software and more punishments will follow for all players that will run their game clients with this mod enabled. Account suspension for the accounts banned early this week will be lifted in 3 months, in March 2020. Should the incident repeat on these accounts after the ban is lifted, the next will be permanent. We will continue enforcing fair play in Life is Feudal: MMO, so all players can enjoy balanced gameplay where everyone is on the same playfield.

Now for the community spot!
Here’s a new time-lapse video sent to us by skif aka betasonic#9628:
Thank you! And keep `em coming, we’re always happy to see your creations!

We wish everyone a great weekend!

— The Team

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