Development News #2

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Development News #2

Post by Arrakis » 29 Jul 2016, 15:38


Hey Guys, we thought we’d share some updates with where we’re at!

Recently, we have been working primarily on First Person game mode and the GUI.

In Forest Village, players will be able to, not only control the growth of their town, but also each of the citizens personally. When a player controls one of the citizens, they’ll be able to accomplish work like cutting trees, growing gardens, hunting, fishing, building structures, collecting edible roots and plants, etc.

Also, players will have access to some special abilities. These give players the ability to use some unique functions that are not accessible in strategic mode. As an example, a player may use the ‘a horn’ ability to speedup all workers in the vicinity for a certain amount of time. After using the ability, all workers will get bonuses to walk speed/work speed, etc.

Special abilities have a recharge time so after using one the special abilities, player need to wait a certain amount of time before they can use any ability again.

While the ability is recharging, players can continue to perform regular work again. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to complete every task in the work cycle. If you’re working as a forester, for example, the unemployed citizens will transport any obtained materials back to the town, so you can focus on your task!

All these features are giving players a new ways to grow and protect it's village.

Tip: in the first season, it is not necessary to build Hunters Cabin (which takes time and resources) - player can directly hunt and protect their pastures from wild animals. It’s also, not necessary to build Gatherers House - player can settle in any of their villagers and directly gather edible roots, mushrooms, etc. in the immediate area.

Thanks for reading the week’s update, keep checking back for more information!

- The team

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