Devs: Heightmap Resolution

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Devs: Heightmap Resolution

Post by Shealladh » 07 Dec 2017, 01:28

A few quick questions to the devs about heightmap data;

What is the maximum resolution of height data, ie. max range? ie. is it set to the X,Y map size, z= @ 256, 1024, and 2048?

When Map.Data is modified in game, at what scale is the minimum terrain terraforming done at, ie. 1 meter, 0.1 meter, or 0.01 meter? Most of what I've read points to 1m increments?

Reason for asking is what is doable, like adding say a curved slope where hills could roll down or slide downwards rather than straight from height to height.

When loading a game with a custom map, can we define the parameters for the starting location further, ie. landingplace with Z coordinates, radius height, and facing direction of camera when you first load?

LandingPlace could maybe use it's own scale &/or offset to do this.

Would be handy for the above information, but also see further aditions to terraforming, like an extension to "Flatten at Height" by adding either colsole entry for a value, a selection box to choose a particular height, or other forms for terraforming just like in YO or MMO has. Maybe an overlay for the values of the terrain near cursor showing the height value which can be turned on/off in options.

Aim for me is to get particular heightmaps loaded as, currently using the Unity export method used by a few other MOD authors. However I'd like to maximise the effectivness of the map data.

Although, I'm also hoping you may add an option in the future for selecting a greyscale (PNG, JPG, RAW) IMG as an option in New Game that is similar to the "Random" map choice.

Alongside this option when starting a game, would be nice to see manipulatble mapinfo.lua data in a sidebar that can modified before loading the map ingame. Sometimes clicking the start location for example, is a bit glitchy, so adding X/Y value before load would make it easier to choose the starting location. It could even show a read only Z value showing you the height of the startpoint ;)

Thanks for the great game, and your time in reading/answering this, looking forward to whatelse can enhance this great little game.

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