[US] Elyria [English PVE JH PVP Only]

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[US] Elyria [English PVE JH PVP Only]

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Welcome to Elyria, an American English speaking PVE server. We are set up as a GREEN server, but have 3 Judgement Hours set up (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 PM EASTERN). We welcome and encourage RP. We welcome all newcomers and experienced players alike. Currently, we are a small community but would love to see that community grow.

The main base set up south of the lake where you are free to use the different items to train up various skills before venturing out on your own. You can also claim a room in the main house. Claims to the house will be reviewed regularly and those who have moved on will be removed from the house to make room for new folks.

We have a number of mods on the server, a few require client-side installation if you want to make use of those features. Mainly, TradePost Mod 1.4. This allows you to place a trading post and use it to sell/trade items with other players on the server. There is a main Trading Post set up where players can sell items to the crown and buy items needed for creating your Guild Monument. If you want to install the client-side mod you can get it here: https://nyuton.net/tradeposts-mod-life- ... -your-own/
Installation is pretty simple, but if you have problems, reach out to a GM on the server who can assist you.

The GM will not interfere with gameplay unless rules are being broken. The GM will remain neutral in all affairs but will provide assistance to those who seek it. The GM will not give you other items than those outlined above and will not help you with building your location, so please do not ask.


    Please be respectful of your fellow players
    Keep RP to local chats and whispers
    You may have more than one character, but only one can be in-game at a time
    No discussion of real-world politics or religion
    Please only English in the global chat
    No griefing other players

If you are found to be breaking any of the rules listed above or causing any issues that interfere with the enjoyment of other players you will be banned from the server, though proper warnings will be given prior to being banned.

Let's all have fun and live that feudal life.

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