**[FuryInc] Elysian Isles |PvE|Build|TradePost**

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**[FuryInc] Elysian Isles |PvE|Build|TradePost**

Post by Teah » 03 Jul 2019, 12:25

**[FuryInc] Elysian Isles |PvE|Build|TradePost**

Welcome to the Elysian Isles

This is a resting place for builders, merchants and community makers.

Town offers a functioning TradePost as well as community blacksmith, kiln, bloomer, kitchen, warehouse, carpentry shop and herbalist hut for your crafting needs as well as a maintained 100q gathering patch. In the future, residents or guilds can donate materials to upgrade these buildings. It has Large House Bind Points or Private Claim sections offering three man housing.
Whether you are playing as a town resident or you and your guild are foraging the resources to create your own monument, private claims spaces are available.

*The Do's:*
This is a resting place for builders, merchants and community makers.
To build with your friends and family.
To trade and meet new people.
To help people new to the game learn the game you love.
To learn about the game mechanics from others.

*The Don’ts:*
If you are creating a negative play environment for others, this is not the place for you.
Do not commit murder, steal, harass, use racial slurs, drop your bad moods on other people or create negative drama.
Build to block resources. *Discord #rules-of-conduct has a map with the small no build zones*

*The Stats:*
Skills caps are 3k/3k/3k
Skill Gain at 80
Three-Hour Days and Animal Breeding
Normal Weather

*The Goods:*
Call Home with Items
Faster Actions with reduced Stam
Some recipe outputs increased
No soil decay for gathering mats and herbs
T1 Monument: Bones and PosPreps purchasable from the TradePost.

*The Links:*
LiveMap: https://livemap.feudal.tools/id/2831
Discord: https://discord.gg/8cVWBH3
Direct IP:
TradePost Mod: https://nyuton.net/tradeposts-mod-life- ... -your-own/
ServerName: [FuryInc] Elysian Isles |PvE|Build|TradePost

If you have, any questions or want to check out the community contact us on discord :D

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