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Europe | GameNation Network PVP/RP |Politics|Mods|Custom Map|Live Map| Dynamic Rules [New Server]

Post by Linuxass7 » 16 Feb 2019, 12:56

Hello everyone , GameNation Network third year in a row re-opening our life is feudal server stronger and bigger.We welcome PVP and RP players to come and try our server.
First time server is being hosted on new and more stable platform than any other servers are being hosted.

Server Settings

Skill Multiplier: x9
Skill Cap (Crafting/Combat/Minor): 1200/500/800
Terraforming Speed: 5
Crafting Period: 60
Feeding Period: 120
Day Length: 3
Wild Animal Count: 100
(Settings are for now temp. until we will get permanent ones)

Drop Rates & Harvesting

The blueprint drop rate has been increased to 30%.
Drop rates for regional resources are at 6% for iron ore and flax stems, 15% for skinned hides and 6% for slaughtering.
Gem drop chance has been increases from 0,5% to 0,75% to adjust for getting 30 ore per mining action instead of 20.
Increased output for material harvests.
Double output for shaping stone/granite/marble.

You can connect to our server via , open console, press CTRL + ~
and entering command

More information below
Server rules
Our Discord

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