Feedback and bug report 02/21

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Feedback and bug report 02/21

Post by Xavierfaligant » 21 Feb 2017, 21:59

Hello everyone, I'm new to this game and forum.

After having played several hours your addictive and fun game, here is my feedback and the top bugs I've encountered.

1- The first thing I noticed was how badly the tree branches and leaves were stuttering. I tweaked some graphical options but nothing changed that. I just forgot about it and continue playing, but it really gets ugly whenever you zoom in.

2- The tutorial does not say much about getting new seeds or animals, nor where to make pies, nor how to track a villager and other small details that I had to figure out on my own by googling and finding your steam guide...
but I saw you had in mind to improve the tutorial, so I guess you know what you're doing.

3- I'm lpaying on a 1080 resolution, and I find the UI/HUD fond particularly small. Is there a way do increase its size? Giving the option would surely be great.

4- New models for teen is a definte must, even for babies. And of course adding new adult models is a must too, but I also saw it on your to-do list. I still want to repeat myself, I believe it's a must must.

5- The 2 background sound effect tracks got annoying pretty quickly, especially the one with 1 bird singing as a distant alarm like "beep.... beep... beep...". And I mean so annoying I always play as zoomed out as possible to avoid listening to it. However I like every other sounds, please make other peaceful nature ambient tracks and human sound effecs! That is a big must imo.

6- I only encountered one "bug": I wanted to destroy the starting small cabins to make some place and build small houses. I did so, but while it was being destroyed, 2 of its inhabitants died of hunger because they had no house for a very short period of time. However, the granary was full of food.
For the 2nd character, I tried to take control of him and run towards the closest house with food, but I died entering the house, which leads me to my 7th point...I believe the people should die of hunger when the granary is well stocked... They should just take available food wherever possible.

7- Moving a character in 1st person is horrifyingly slow. But I believe you will eventually fix this since 1st person feature seems to be very basic for now. This leads me to my next point.

8- As far as I know, there is only 1 way to assign 1 villager to a specific job, which is by taking 1st person control and going to the job building, which takes forever. Please make another effective way of doing so..

9- After having harvested field resources, and accumulated new plants, villagers will not collect food when clicking on "collect immediately". Instead, they continue plowing seeds even in autumn...

10- I believe it is impossible to make roads next to houses and some buildings, which I find very annoying. I don't understand why we would not be allowed to do such a thing.

That's basically it, I'll add anything that comes up to mind when necessary!

Thank you for making a very fun and playable early access game.

Keep up the good work :)

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