Fix the crashes ffs

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Fix the crashes ffs

Post by Bremg » 10 Sep 2016, 14:45

Just made an account just for this post, now i want to kill myself.

First of:
- creating an account for this forum is only possible with steam/ facebook. The email option is bugged.
- Then signed into your account -> go to forum -> whole lot of super weird steps -> forum entered. Probably why this forum is about dead.

The real problem:
- The game crashes NON STOP. Have been playing an hour of constant crashes and reloads, looked at the timestamp of my save and it was 1 hour ago. FFS 1 HOUR of non stop crashing.
- Autosave = crash
- Rain/thunder = crash
- Start game -> resolution fucked, open options -> press OK -> fixed

When i look at the updates 2 things come to mind:
- Really awesome schedule
- Totally wrong focus, fix the crashes, leave all the other bullshit. Make it stable, then improve. It seems I'm far from the only one with these problems.

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Re: Fix the crashes ffs

Post by Bremg » 10 Sep 2016, 14:56

Wanted to add some things to my post above, because it's stated a little harsh. Anyway editing a post is impossible, 2 captcha's and then it says a third captcha was wrong, but there is no 3th captcha?! Do you guys even test things? Whats up with the captcha anyway? You really hate forum users?

Anway what i wanted to say was that i really like the game, hence the frustration that we can't play it in its current state. Also really like that the devs are really active.

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Re: Fix the crashes ffs

Post by Arrakis » 10 Sep 2016, 15:36

Hey. Make sure to report all technical issues via our tech support email (instructions here)

As for captcha, we had serious issues with advert-spammers, which forced our hand to implement some anti-spam measures, that may be a bit annoying at times, but on the other hand it protects us from having spamfest of 50 advertisement threads per minute.

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Re: Fix the crashes ffs

Post by Miya_Mo » 11 Sep 2016, 10:01

Also have big problems with crashes now whereas previously game ran fine for me. I've submitted a detailed report with dxdiag via the support email address given in hopes they sus the problem and solve it soon. I do love how quickly they seem to jump on problems, Thank you Devs :)

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