[MMO] Fixes and Tweaks (Tome #1) (

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[MMO] Fixes and Tweaks (Tome #1) (

Post by Arrakis » 29 Mar 2019, 10:56

Life is Feudal: MMO

In this patch and in a few of the following ones new features will be put on the back burner as we focus on a huge amount of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. We hope you’ll like it!

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • Climbing now consumes stamina and stamina regeneration is slowed when you’re climbing. Slightly improved and tweaked climbing algorithms.
  • Zweihaender hit nodes fixed. Its reach should be adequate and equal to its visual model.
  • Removed the force field from Private claims. Owners of private claims can use Trespassers! Ability to forcibly remove trespassers from their private claim.
  • White meat, beef, and pork can now be sold to the Crown
  • Siege ladders can now be constructed with any type of hammer
  • Ability "Create Warfare Construction" now available at level 30 of the Warfare Engineering skill
  • You can dig natural snow (snow that was on the map initially) and build tunnels in it
  • "Repeat"/"Do once" buttons are now available for the “Dig a tunnel" ability
  • Only leader and minor leader can now initiate an outpost and monument upgrade for their guild
  • Updated level 2 and level 3 Military Outpost visuals
  • Blade Stand decoration visuals updated
  • Natives should no longer drop Irregular Alloy
  • Added cooldown for Claim Outpost ability. Now at least 24 hours must pass since it was last used on an outpost before it can be used there again.
  • Added cooldown for Outpost Upgrades. Now 3 real days must pass between consecutive outpost upgrades.
Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Fixed a problem with some IBs where some players were spawned at wrong coordinates rendering them unable to participate
  • Fixed a bug where outposts that were undergoing upgrades could not be claimed. Claiming these outposts will now reset the upgrade process, thus be careful and upgrade your outposts ASAP and protect them during the process!
  • Expanded fiefs that were suddenly shrinking should be fixed now and the cause of this behavior is fixed
  • Objects and buildings that are standing on former fief border lines should not decay. Now the expanded fiefs should not suffer from walls and buildings decaying on their newly claimed tiles.
  • Guilds can now be properly deleted
  • Fixed some outposts being usable from far distances making it easier to stop their claiming process
  • Fixed some problems with fief access rights management when reconnecting to a server node
  • Tanning tubs, drying racks should no longer be bugged after the server restart and should work properly now
  • Fixed an issue where Carpenter's Outfits were consuming all their ingredients during crafting and not producing an outfit as a result
  • Skill progression is fixed now so it stops at 30, 60, 90 level of skill (as it used to and as it is supposed to)
  • Fixed Wooden School construction recipe
  • Fixed some broken descriptions for Natives’ Trinkets
— The Team

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