Fixity-fix! (0.9.4221)

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Fixity-fix! (0.9.4221)

Post by Arrakis » 09 Sep 2016, 17:29

Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Hey fellow villagers!

Just another quick patch with some fixes. We want to thank everybody for giving us feedback, which really helps us out.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4221):

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug causing pasture slaughtering working not as intended
  • Pasture workers now properly prioritize food/water depending on which animal in the pasture needs more at that given time
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect village resources window information
  • Application log does not grow in size that fast now
  • Roads related issues should be fixed now
  • Builders getting stuck and freezing has been fixed

On top of this, you’ll be happy to know that we will be releasing a development roadmap as soon as we have stabilized the gameplay experience and have fixed major bugs in the current build.

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