Game Freezes on Exit

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Re: Game Freezes on Exit

Post by Dowsonlinda419 » 21 Mar 2020, 13:14

Pralic wrote:Pentium i5 Processor 3.4 ghz, 8 gigs ram, 1060 ssc gaming evga video card, windows 10 home premium.

My game freezes whenever I go to exit the game or to disconnect to switch characters, and I play in full screen so whenever I open my task manager, to force close the game, I can't see it because it's behind the game client. So I am forced to ctrl+alt+delete and then sign out of my user account and sign back in to do anything. cat ninja

Has anyone else had a similar issue?

i5 7600K, 8 gigs ram, GTX 1070 and having the same issue...

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