Gameplay Tweaks, Crash Fixes and Battling the Underworld. (

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Gameplay Tweaks, Crash Fixes and Battling the Underworld. (

Post by Arrakis » 10 Feb 2018, 08:44

Life is Feudal: MMO

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • Animal related changes that were described in previous patch notes now fully patched into the game
  • Added a model for an idol of the new deity - Rob
  • Players will lose 10 alignment and turn criminals if they are kicked from a guild while they are online
  • Huge skill gain for Extracting Silk ability was reduced
Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Fixed random crashes of clients that have unstable or slow connections
  • Implemented an algorithm that should prevent horses and trade carts from falling underground in some cases
— The team

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Re: Gameplay Tweaks, Crash Fixes and Battling the Underworld. (

Post by HolyAvengerOne » 10 Feb 2018, 17:00

Thanks guys!

Just to be sure I got this right : the influence claim changes aren't supposed to be live yet, right?
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Re: Gameplay Tweaks, Crash Fixes and Battling the Underworld. (

Post by Barlin » 10 Feb 2018, 18:46

So basically the purpose of all the "New Features and Tweaks" of the last few updates is to make the leveling slower and increase the joyful grinding-time ?

Hip hip hooray. Thats all I wish for in games ! :Yahoo!: Fun is totally overrated.

Ps.: I am feeling sorry for Rob. He spent the last moments of his live grinding pixels

Pps: I really don t get what u guys are doing.... Normally games work with rewards, thats what keeps the players playing and brings money into ur pockets...(game BUSINESS...) But instead of rewarding players u are kinda punishing them nonstop. For example: Why punishing people leaving a guild, why not rewarding them the longer they stay (for example with a xp- or alignment-bonus) ? Complaints of the community are completely ignored.
Ur steam reviews suck, 70-80% of the new players quit the game shortly afterwards. Ur advertisement says mmo with 10 000+ players on the server, though the servers can t even handle 3000 and crash several times a day. Ur ingame-shop is overprized and the marketing isn t working (ingame-shops need special offers to attract people - not only on christmas). Subscription won t work without a good endgame or constantly new content - which u can not offer. U worked already years on this game, but a goldmaster-version isn t here even though the game is officially published. Whats worse is, is that ur vision-keeper seems to have quit the job and ur asset pipeline is screwed up (for example, what are ur 2D and 3D artist doing ????). Ressources (time and money) seem to be wasted, game mechanics that worked are remade even though there is alot of other stuff to do with a much higher prority... u have 49 servers with (pretty much) empty newbie islands running while the servers with the mainland keep crashing and no backup servers are available( no server-rollback possible after u deleted thousands of items by mistake ??)

The game-business is already several decades old. U are not only a Indie-developer but also a Indie-publisher with zero experience. As far as I can see u started ur company 7 years ago but u don t even have one finished product (unless u count the mmo and lif ur own as finished, which would be a joke).
There is alot of experience u can use/learn from (asset-pipelines, marketing, scrum master...). So why does it seem like u are still working on the the same level u had years ago ? If u keep on treating this game like a garage project it will fail (I actually can t see how the game will keep a paying player-base the next 2 years...). If u guys would have worked for an independent publisher, like most game-developers do, this game-development probably would have been stopped/cancelled years ago....

In the last few years u should have made at least 1-2 million+ Euro/Dollars from the game sales alone - but it seems like pretty much no money reached the project in the end. Why is that ?

If I did not know better, I would say 2-3 guys are currently working on this game. Doing some stuff here and there, not enough to finish the game, but enough to keep on squeezing some more money out of the remaining community. (What I can say with 100% certainty, is that there is NO WAY there are around 30 guys currently working on this game - like the info on ur website says...)

Sorry for the harsh words, but I have been following this game(development) for years now. I had really high hopes but I am getting more and more frustrated/disappointed and even suspicous of this project.... :bad:

Ppps: I checked the infos about ur team ( I guess "Gaming experience" means playing the game, not making it ?
I know some guys involved in game projects u named there, so should be interesting to ask around...

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Re: Gameplay Tweaks, Crash Fixes and Battling the Underworld. (

Post by GadIOka » 11 Feb 2018, 06:53

Paveza shield still not working :%)

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Re: Gameplay Tweaks, Crash Fixes and Battling the Underworld. (

Post by Erik.Bohlen » 14 Feb 2018, 01:46

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Re: Gameplay Tweaks, Crash Fixes and Battling the Underworld. (

Post by TheTom » 14 Feb 2018, 01:47

Losing alignment by being kicked from a guild is perhaps the most retarded mechanic in any game I have ever played. You should find a legitimate way to fix the issue that doesn't interfere with the already-intolerable guild and kingdom mechanics. Also being at war shouldn't negate the alignment loss you get from killing someone -- killing is still morally wrong, "war" is not absolving. That is a much better way to handle it - just let everyone know they will lose alignment for killing people, period. Then people have no reason to drop guild when fighting their enemies, and guilds will have to pick and choose members who are willing to commit murder in the name of their kingdom. The way this ridiculous mechanic was "fixed" is an example of poor problem solving. I could easily list more ways to fix this if you're interested.

I could also make the argument that war declaring everyone on the map is a complete exploit of the alignment mechanic, you should NOT be able to be a mass-murder with 100 alignment. Dumbest shit in the world. The only reason this part of the problem is NOT being fixed is because the large guilds are the only ones who can support such a large warfront, and you know for certain that they will chew your ears off if you punish them for being the criminals that they are.

It is very disheartening to see the game devs pandering to the requests of large zerg guilds (or any player, for that matter). Crowdfunded does not mean "crowd-programmed" or "crowd-owned". You are not selling *stock* in a video game, you are simply selling *a* game. You are the devs, which means you get to pick the priorities. The only people being harmed by that "guild-drop" exploit are the large zerg guilds who war the little guys. Their victims are trying to deal with their insurmountable harassers in the only clever way they can think to - by lowering the enemy's alignment (No, I have never done this, I do think it's dumb). INSTEAD of pandering to the hilariously megalomaniacal leaders of meaningless pixel armies, you should be fixing the current problems with stability, or maybe that pesky "Patching Failed" error I still seem to have after months of playing. And either do away with your alignment system, or *actually* enforce a legitimate alignment system where acts of depravity are punished.

I know that is a long ass rage post, and I know I will be flamed. This is literally the first forum of a game I have ever posted in, and I only took the time to write this because I absolutely LOVE the game you created overall, but I cannot stomach watching you tear this thing apart piece by piece because of people's feelings and [incorrect] opinions.


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Re: Gameplay Tweaks, Crash Fixes and Battling the Underworld. (

Post by Falcion » 14 Feb 2018, 08:46

TheTom wrote:...

So you love the game but you don't really know much about it.

What right do you have to chose someone's morals? If aligment would be someones own morality then you would have dosens of guys just going around killing who they want with 0 aligment loss because they belive they have the right to do that.

Aligment was placed to protect those who are not at war with you so they wouldn't be slaughtered like sheep all around, and that protection was twisted and used as a weapon. I did not recived much aligment loss from those actions but know some who have. Imagine 3 guys naked attacking you, you have good gear you're able to fend them off but they're faster and you cannot outrun them then they turning neutral as they're about to get killed and even get down on their knees just before. and suddenly you get 50 aligment loss. if every kill would be a loss to aligment then make it bigger but also every death should be a fresh start for a character that died (you're rewerted to your day 1 stats). But that would be a little too hardcore for probably 80-90% of people even those who declare they would like it.

Want to lvie a peacfoul life when someone attacks you only when you allow them? There is a server for that, Epheland.

I'm not a bloodthirsty bandit I don't kill if I don't have to, I kill those who attack me or my friends, I kill enemies of my Kingdom.

As for big guild harassing smaller ones. Well organize and survive or perish. A lot of smaller groups tend to come to some lands and just settle there next to 2 big castles thinking it's ok. Well not everyone is so open. In feudal times it worked the same you would either have to become, a vassal of bigger factions or be destroyed.
You have a lot of hate for those "big guilds", well like it or not they have the voicepower as a large part of the community, you can of course decide "hey let's piss on 30-40%(if not more) of the community" but guess what that get's you. you can argue all you want about it, the people have spoken, just not what you wished to hear. it happens, life is feudal.

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