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General Guidelines and Tips

Post by Dezert » 02 Oct 2016, 19:50

Hi Im interested in creating an extensive addon for this game, however im not familiar with the series nor the engine (Heard it was very modified) I was interested in getting few tips from developers to make my life bit easier.

So im aware that the game is coded in Lua however im interested in knowing for example:

-Does the game engine have a specific file architecture or flow, like Arma Series which can create lots of issues if files are places in folders that dont go with the developers initial design i.e specific file types must be places in specific folders, same goes for game logics.

-Polygon range for assets and engine limitations.

-Exporting formats for assets.

-Can we expect any Dev tools or steam workshop in the near future.

Thanks a lot for any help and hope to get some good progress in the up coming days and weeks. :D
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