Goodbye - And I will tell you Why.

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Goodbye - And I will tell you Why.

Post by Eyesgood » 06 Jun 2020, 01:10

I have followed and played this game for years, mostly YO. Tonight, something happened that made me leave this game for good and uninstall it from my PC.

I needed to replace a furnace, so I clicked on Destroy. After the timer, the furnace was gone. But also, a large chest with ALL my tools, ALL my bars, ingots, locks, glass, and every other precious thing I owned. Why? Because of a stupid developer decision to destroy based on tile id rather than on the id of the object that the player wants to destroy. All because my chest was sitting next to the furnace, it too was destroyed.

I have been in software development for over 15 years, and I have never seen such a stupid mechanic. I can only imagine what our customers would do if they wanted to delete a record, but instead our software deleted 50 records.


This dumb rule is said to be OK simply because you gave me a warning. Well, the expectation was so out of character for a coding decision that I never even DREAMED the action was going to destroy everything on the tile that was OUTSIDE the furnace.

That said, keep my 6 months of premium. Keep my 4 characters. I will keep my hard drive clean of this ridiculous game.


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