Guardian Angels are Recruiting

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Guardian Angels are Recruiting

Post by Kflynn103 » 22 Oct 2017, 23:13

The Guardian Angels is the ruling Faction located in Broken Heel. We live in the Kingdom of the Guardian Angels. We follow three pillars, Loyalty, Honor and Respect. We strive to teach the many intricacies of the game for both experienced and new players alike. Collectively we have thousands of hours of in game experience in both crafting and combat. We continuously work to have every player and role strive for perfection.
We structure our guild so that we spread our efforts equally across all professions making sure our foundations are strong .We strive to make every action go towards our common goals. We are looking for dedicated players to grow our community; we have a strong base of core players who have accomplished great feats already. If you are looking to learn the game or to have a place to call a home, The Kingdom of the Guardian Angels is waiting for you.

-18+ Years of age/Mature Individual
-Teamspeak and Microphone
-Ability to take constructive criticism/guidance
-Must speak English

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Re: Guardian Angels are Recruiting

Post by Iplayonthrall » 16 Feb 2018, 00:43

Are you all still recruiting?

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