Herbal gardens in

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Herbal gardens in

Post by Pesco » 01 Oct 2017, 01:34

Hello, just wondering if anyone else has noticed a change in game dynamics for herbal gardens in Your Own ver

Got a 20-pt decrease in q in many boxes. Even one that was not near other herbal gardens.

Contents were 1 99q herb, 1 dung q100, 10 q100 water in both test gardens. The garden surrounded by other gardens came out q79, the other not near other gardens was q68....

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Re: Herbal gardens in

Post by GavinMcStine » 04 Oct 2017, 03:22

Can’t build the herbal garden yet but I have noticed some tiles dropping in quality. Had a 100(dropped to 99) tile near my starting city that I used for collecting plant fibre, didn’t see it drop before.

My farming skill is low and after farming some tiles dropped quite a bit 30-40 quality. New to farming so I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen or not and if it is the amount seems steep.

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Re: Herbal gardens in

Post by Vtl.autostate » 04 Oct 2017, 07:30

in YO quality dropped significantly ~20%
I think they implemented something regarding soil below and surrounding the garden. We have 6 gardens build on paved ground inside of the village, build next to each other and quality there dropped the most. I also have 6 gardens away from each other scatered randomly and surrounded with different high quality soil (soil, forest soil, fertile soil) and quality droped by 1-5% The one surounded with 100 quality forest soil droped to 1 herb 99q, several 68q and more 33q. Previously all gardens weld same resoult - 1-3herbs 100q 5-6 68q, and some 32-34q

for planting I use 1herb, 6 bones, 10 water all 100q. I save the dung for my "artificial herbal garden" to get the 100q herbs i need for planting.

i'm also experimenting adding diferent stuff but it seems to do nothing, stuff like 100q mushrom or 100q organic ingredient

related skills are 100 herbalism, 100 nature, 100 farming

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