Issues with the Kiln & Furnance

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Issues with the Kiln & Furnance

Post by Sockan » 09 Nov 2021, 21:43


I've been playing LiF:YO for about 3 days now, and I'm seemingly having severe issues with both the Kiln and the Furnance.
While I have the skill(s) required to build, and manage them both, I'm
not given any other options than to inspect them.

Now I've tried with 5 different characters, 2 different (own) worlds, raising my skills with GM commands, uninstalling and re-installing
the game. The issue remains.

Is there a fix for this, as it seem not everyone runs into this issue?
furnance options
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Re: Issues with the Kiln & Furnance

Post by Gedizz » 08 Jan 2022, 20:27

i ahve this same issue

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