Kingdoms of Asgard

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Kingdoms of Asgard

Post by Draxan » 15 Mar 2019, 03:34

Kingdoms of Asgard - EVENTS & TOURNAMENTS -NEW MAP

The map can be viewed with the live map link at the bottom.

(KoA) Kingdoms of Asgard is a existing PVE based server that was re-started on Feb04-2019 and is played on a new custom map "Rotirati". The map has many available locations to claim and is welcoming and encouraging NEW PLAYERS however all players are welcome. 10x10 plots (max person claim size) laid out with roads in town for players wanting to have personal smaller claims at town and play as town residents having easy access to the towns things.

(KoA) offers very active GM, functioning trade post, as well as events and jobs for those interested that aspect of game play. Assistance with materials for your first monument as well as 1 horse and 1 bag. The assistance items are optional and will be given out as requested. I am very active and more than willing to help you on your way to establishing your own place in the kingdom.

- Skill Points: 2000 Crafting /1500 Combat /3000 General @ 45 Skill Multiplier
- Player Hosted Events and Economy Highly Encouraged
- Relaxed Environment to encourage building, trade and community
- Asgard: Fully functioning city for newbies and all players alike
- Server Trade Post hosted in Asgard with many things to buy and sell
- Private Claims: 10x10 land plots in Asgard set to play as the town’s resident
- Guild Claims: Starter kit for T1 for those who wish to venture out and establish more territory
- Modified skill_types.xml for improved general and crafting actions with Vanilla Combat
- Four-hour game days; three-hour Animal growth
- Arena for hosted tournaments and combat practice
- Generous Resource Refills
- Map is currently Green with No JH.

-Blacksmith Shop
-Crafting Stations
-Tournament Arena
and a Market Area as well as other general buildings common to a town, all for free use to help you get started on your journey.

Our rules and everything you need to know are located on our DISCORD page. The discord is active and open to all players and or people just wanting to come in and see what Kingdoms of Asgard is about. The (KoA) discord is there for your convenience and it is not required that you use it, however it is highly recommended you are at least on the discord as that is where rules, events, trades as well as just general chat happen and are posted. it is just easier for me (GM) to assist you in answering your questions or addressing your problems or concerns. It is NOT necessary to have a mic or team speak as i myself do not use a mic or teamspeak.

I am trying to expand the game into a PVP/PVE mixed map with a unique concept of Kingdoms where PVE players would be safe under there kingdoms and the PVP players could also join in and bring the value that they bring to a game. I would love for players to join in and get involved with the discussion in the discord and share there ideas, as together with more ideas we can make this an amazing and interesting place to enjoy for a long time. Hope to see ya in game


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