Lagging with 200+ pop

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Lagging with 200+ pop

Post by Wesley.germing » 12 Nov 2017, 15:59

hey guys, i play this game since a month ago, i realy love it but it barly unplayable,

i putted game settings on lowest,
i put my video card setting on lowers and performance

but nothing helps it laggs as hell on 5x and 10x speed

my pc is a
i7 7700k
gtx 1080 ti aorus
gigabyte ultra gaming z270 motherboard
512 GB crusual m.2 SSD
16 gb dual channel g.skill 3200mhz
cryorg r1 cpu cooler
win 10 pro x64
650watt evga suprnova 2

anything i can do to slove this ? i mean i got a pretty highend pc and this anoys me , its like i trowed away my money for a unplayable game, this game is 700mb installed on hdd, lets say it can be completly placed into memory, lets say the whole game unpacked maby is 2.5gb total , i dont get it why such a tiny game can lagg so badly

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