Land of Dabrea

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Land of Dabrea

Post by Samuelcomplex » 21 Jan 2021, 22:27

Newly started RP-PvE server with optional PvP elements.

We're looking for players who are interested in creating a rich community for up to 64 players.

The main reason we created the server was to have a place where you can safely RP with other players
but have the option to partake in PvP. We also want to encourage a feeling of pride in
being good at what you do, and creating a need for dealing with other players. Tradeposts
will be set up to let you buy what you need to get started, no matter which profession you choose.

- Tradeposts
- Guild Management Gui
- Livemap -
- Low skillcap to encourage specialisation and trading.
- 600/500/600
- EU
- Text or Voice RP
- 1 Char limit

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