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LiF:MMO OBT (version

Post by Arrakis » 19 Feb 2019, 16:25

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • Significantly lowered the chance of young trees dying
  • Fixed the bug that caused damage to be inflicted on the Protectorates (green provinces). Protectorates are now safe from PvP! Yet animals and natives can still damage you
  • Animals should not follow players into the protected land around the starting Village on the Newbie islands
  • Minimap on Godenland now shows the regions, which also should now be properly announced ingame when you enter them
  • Fixed the ability to get fresh water from snow
  • Protectorates (green provinces) should not show fiefs inside them (because fiefs are not needed in protectorates)
  • Chieftain sword tooltip fixed
  • Inspect ability on trees now show information according to the calendar
  • Fixed stone trebuchet ammo crafting giving inadequate amount of experience
  • Some UI fixes
  • Some localization updates

Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Fixed numerous problems with character transfers between worlds
  • Fixed numerous connection/initialization errors
  • Fixed an exploit where recycling certain high tier items gave resources without consuming an item
  • Fixed a rare bug where death could provide some skill points instead of removing them
  • Deletion of the guild should work properly now for every guild
  • Drying frame fixed and should work properly with all types of skins
  • Provided some fixes for private claims logic. Fully operational private claims should be expected later this week.
  • Tanning tubs bugs partially fixed. Full fix of the tanning tub can be expected next patch.
  • Wells that were constructed before 0.2.0 patch should work properly after you use them once
  • Fixed the quality of resources gathered from trees
  • Fixed old slings causing server and client crashes
  • Fixed the sand burning in kiln not producing any glass
  • Tools equipped on other slots should not be damaged while sawing out items from tree logs
  • Simple hat should be equippable now
  • Fixed some minor art bugs

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