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LiF:MMO OBT (version

Post by Arrakis » 02 Jul 2019, 10:27

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • Cooldown for outpost upgrade now should start once its’ upgrade is complete
  • Increased the rewards for top-3 arena participants
  • Jumping while riding a horse now costs 5 stamina of the mount
  • Rewards for successful training now will only be applied to counselors for active players. It means, that trainee should not only reach the Mainland, but actively explore Abella
  • Ability “Manage Object Rights” should no longer be available on Personal Monuments
  • Added new premium crowns

Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Fixed trade orders without delivery
  • Fixed object permissions after outpost’s reclaim: they should now assign properly
  • Fixed a rare case that could cause a major server crash
  • Fixed a case that could cause client crash on start or disconnect sometimes
  • Fixed quests window disappearing when receiving a “Help the Villagers” quest
  • Fixed quest “Shack for Children” — it should now start properly
  • Fixed water reflections
  • Added a bunch of tweaks and optimizations on server side

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