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LiF:MMO OBT (version

Post by Arrakis » 19 Apr 2019, 12:27

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • Implemented archers in the Military Outposts. The amount of archers and their combat effectiveness depends on the number and quality of the slaves put into the Military Outpost. Archers are not designed to protect an outpost by themselves but they will provide a good addition to the live player-defenders firepower. Archers shoot only players that do not have “Can enter” access rights set to them - make sure to give these rights to your allies!
  • Implemented another protective measure for game client files. A full force protection system is planned in the next upcoming patches.
  • Fog is significantly reduced in certain types of weather.
  • "Claim Outpost" ability duration increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
  • "Stop Outpost Claiming" ability duration increased from 20 to 40 seconds.
  • "Claim Outpost" can now be used only by members of the guild that have initiated a Holy Judgment on this nearby outpost (the guild who made the targeted outpost vulnerable).
  • Military Outposts now give a LOT of property score to the guild owning them. This means any guild with a Military Outpost can expect to have at least Rank V.
  • Holy Judgment can now only be initiated on Military Outposts lvl 3 that can be placed anywhere or other types of lvl3 outposts that are neighboring to the owner’s Guild Monument
  • Your guild must have a Tier 3 or Tier 4 Monument in order to be able to initiate a Holy Judgment on outposts
  • Claiming ability cooldown is ignored on the outposts that are burning with Holy Judgment. That means that failed claiming attempts will not make these outposts unclaimable for the whole duration of the Holy Judgment.
  • NPC collisions are ignored during new construction and upgrades to buildings. This should no longer prevent the outposts and other buildings from being upgraded/constructed.
  • Amate-Maksha and Rob the Shoveler give significantly more points for the experience sacrifices to them
  • Updated Church and Wooden Gate models so they can no longer be climbed on
  • Added decorative shield premium decorations
  • Removed the possibility of getting polished gems while mining - only rough or raw gems can now be dropped while performing mining abilities
  • Removed regional granite from the game
  • Added a proper message if an outpost upgrade cooldown is active and if your outposts limit is reached
  • Added a proper message if trying to issue an IB while standing on your own province
  • Added Believer's Cooking Pot into Premium Shop
  • Removed doors on Trading Post outposts (now it is closer to all the other outposts)
  • Tweaked the behavior of wild animals — now they should be slightly easier to tame and to kill
  • Switching between different trading posts is no longer available from the market
  • Added proper support of claim rules and unmovable objects' rules for all non-guild characters (as requested by players who wanted to give full access to their trading posts)
  • Changed behavior and attributes of most wild animals - all animals were slightly slowed down, damage was increased, HP were reduced:

      - Aurochs Bull: HP 250 -> 200, lays down at low HP;
      - Aurochs Cow: HP 180 -> 150, doesn't run away if you don't damage it;
      - Bear: HP didn't change (450), doesn't run away at low HP anymore;
      - Boar: HP 200 -> 120, lays down at low HP;
      - Deer: HP 200 -> 150, behavior didn't change;
      - Grouse: HP 15 -> 10, behavior didn't change;
      - Hare: HP 15 -> 10, behavior didn't change;
      - Hind: HP 120 -> 100, behavior didn't change;
      - Moose: HP 300 -> 180, behavior didn't change;
      - Mutton: HP didn't change (100), now attacks the character (!), lays down at low HP;
      - Sow: HP 80 -> 50, doesn't run away if you don't damage it;
      - Wild Horse: HP 180 -> 120, now attacks the character after receiving several hits on it, lays down at low HP;
      - Wolf: HP 150 -> 80, doesn't run away at low HP anymore;
  • Only fiefs that are vulnerable by the Holy Judgment can be used to bombard enemy with trebuchets. Trebuchets projectiles that are fired from the safe fiefs will not deal damage.
Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Slightly tuned lags compensation algorithm in a favor of non lagging players
  • Animation glitch that appeared after players dismount is fixed now
  • Optimized internal algorithms of player skill calculations
  • Fixed a bug that would cause no unprocessed gems to be dropped in a couple of regions on the Godenland
  • Fixed a couple of rare bugs with remote outpost support payments
  • Fixed IB maps that had their respawns outside of the active battle zone. That caused the inability of players on those respawns to act and participate in the battle and major IB lags.
  • Fixed hotbar hotkey captions
  • Fixed the bug that resulted in unavailability of Slaughter button in coops, barns, and stables
  • Fixed inability to jump into Trade post closed off section for male characters
  • Fixed gathering in Natives Camps and Starting villages on Godenland - now you can properly gather on them
  • Added back the warning displayed when spending Decorator's Kits
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused players to automatically switch from the first-person view to third-person view
  • Fixed item delivery system via trading posts

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