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LIF:YO Modding

Post by xAnarchy » 14 Jan 2020, 15:23

Since i wrote to the mod developers in this forum privately, and never got an answer im going to post this here, i was hoping for a few information about lif yo modding, im a beginner in c++ and i wanted to try to call a simple gui ingame using torque 3d engine. Im really willing to learn. Hope i ll get an answer soon

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Re: LIF:YO Modding

Post by Halvdal » 18 Jan 2020, 13:43

I'm soory to say that but LiF YO is dead since the start of the MMO. They financed the mmo with yo and then left us alone. No game updates since 21.09.2018.

Don't waste your time on this game...

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Re: LIF:YO Modding

Post by Diegobh » 18 Jan 2020, 17:17

Unfortunatelly Halvdal is right. There aren't any modder active working on YO because devs not only abandoned the game and still done a great effort to break more the game, just to players go to unsuccessful and bad MMO version.

So, don't waste your time with YO.

But if u still want making some mod, you have to code the cs script, place it on server's or client's folder and load it with:

Thats all.

But again, you won't find any content or guide that is updated and that really work. And devs still make too much effort to DON'T let you mod.
You will create a great mod (if u do) and a few time after, it won't work because devs will change something that breaks ur mod.
That's how YO DONT works now and won't work never.

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Re: LIF:YO Modding

Post by Gruber » 20 Jan 2020, 16:30

YO has the same amount of activ player than MMO, still a few well populated servers. Most popular YO Servers are usually heavily modded and with an experienced team in the background.

Apparently the YO Community is very durable, missing out a major update for nearly a year or not having any update for 1,5 years. Both MMO and YO are slowly dieing. For a game that is still in development, the last real update was long ago.

For now, YO is not dead. You can still fill a server with 64 players, as long as you have a good concept. But it looks like, that devs dont care for YO anymore. The good think is, without updates, they cant mess up your scripts anymore, or leaving you a unplayable world database after an update.

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