[EU] looking for/Starting a new guild

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[EU] looking for/Starting a new guild

Post by Avius » 10 Apr 2020, 07:26

Hi all, am Avius I am an LiF vet so to speak. Played Your Own when it came out, didn't play much of the mmo.

I want to return to the game. Therefore, I am looking to either start or join a small guild to play the early game with. I do not want to build a massive castle or form a kingdom or join one....It is all about the simple life for me. I want to be part/mayor of a small village, half a dozen small houses maybe, that focus on trading, forming caravans and supplying warring kingdoms. Of course the village will have a "militia" for defense. As the PvP element is really indispensable

If you are starting a new guild with a similar idea or like my idea and want to join me. hmu on steam.


There's my friend code, add me as a friend and message me!

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