Minor patch (

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Minor patch (

Post by Arrakis » 11 May 2017, 17:30

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Hey everyone,

We have talked our bunnies into behaving like proper rabbits, so no more eggs from them. The bunnies have also told us how to fix a few issues, the complete list is below!

Patch notes (ver.

Bug fixes:
  • You can build on unflattened terrain tiles in GM mode now
  • You can dig a tunnel near flattened tiles now
  • No more unknown damage type, correct type of received damage (impact damage) is properly indicated now
  • No more dying from falling on respawn. We have implemented a new spawn algorithm.
  • Melee damage to movable objects works as intended now
  • No more infinite stun when being knocked down while riding a horse
  • Terrain quality setting is preserved after the game restarts now
  • Death resets food quality multiplier to default value now
  • Rope was not a realistic item for higher tier monuments and does not contain enough value. More appropriately valued items will be needed to increase claims at higher tiers.
- The team

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Re: Minor patch (

Post by Khan- » 11 May 2017, 17:32

great :)
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